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Recursos - Webinars

Automated Live Cell Imaging

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May 26, 2016

Presenters: Peter J. Brescia Jr., MSc, MBA, Applications Scientist, and Chris Laucius, Ph.D., Imaging & Microscopy Specialist

BioTek's Lionheart™ FX Automated Live Cell Imager simplifies live cell imaging by providing a fully integrated solution. While the sample environment is effectively controlled to maintain cell health, all optical components are kept in separate conditions optimal for high resolution microscopy. The Lionheart FX also possesses versatile software allowing the easy creation of time-lapse movies and powerful image analysis enabling quantitative phenotypic assays. These capabilities will be demonstrated in the webinar by several applications including perfusion and wound healing assays.


Walk-Away Automation for Live Cell Assays: From Setup to Long-Term Kinetic Assays