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Automated Media Exchange for Spheriod Cultures Using a Novel MultiFlo™ FX Accessory


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June 27, 2018

Author: Brad Larson, BioTek Instruments


Use of unattached spheroidal 3D cellular structures is a mainstay in many research areas. Culturing cells in 3D provides a more in vivo-like environment, allowing cells to maintain high viability when cultured for extended time periods. Experimental procedures including non-adhered spheroids are incorporated into long-term oncology and toxicity studies to determine the effect of test substances on a cell model.

To maintain the highest levels of viability within untreated cells and ensure that observed effects are solely from treatment, media exchanges and re-dosing are necessary throughout the experiment, particularly in vitro tests lasting weeks. Media exchanges with unattached cell models can be daunting if performed by hand, even when performed on a single plate. Multichannel pipettes must remove and dispense media at an extremely slow rate, and care must be taken to keep pipette tips away from the actual spheroids.

Through incorporation of the AMX Media Exchange Module on the MultiFlo FX, risk of accidental spheroid removal from wells is eliminated. Media is automatically removed and replaced with fresh media only, or fresh media containing treatment concentrations.

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