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Live-Cell Assay to Interrogate GPCRs by Monitoring cAMP Levels using a Bioluminescent Readout


September 08, 2010

Authors: A. Rieger, P. Brescia, G. Prescott, J. Wetterwald, P. Banks, B. Larson, BioTek Instruments, Inc., Winooski, Vermont, USA;  B. Binkowski, P. Stecha, N. Cosby, Promega Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin, USA







Monitoring GPCR responses to both agonists and antagonists represent a major focus as targets of both academic research and drug discovery efforts. GPCR signaling can elicit several second messenger molecules, one of which, cAMP, is engaged in several physiologically relevant cellular signaling events.

Here we demonstrate assay performance in a 384-well format as well as the pharmacology of several compounds. The assay provides increased signalto- background ratio and low-volume, low-cost miniaturization capability in comparison to other existing assay formats for high-throughput applications.