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Invitrogen's Predictor™ hERG Fluorescence Polarization Assay Using BioTek's Synergy™ 4 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with Hybrid Technology™


February 02, 2009


Authors: Paul Held, Ph.D., Xavier Amouretti, BioTek Instruments




hERG is one of a family of ion channels shown to be important in the regulation of cardiac rhythm. Although there exist other potential targets for cardiac adverse effects, the vast majority of drugs associated with acquired QT prolongation are known to interact with hERG. Due to the awareness of the potential danger of such QT drugs the regulatory authorities issued recommendations for the establishment of cardiac safety during preclinical drug development. Traditionally, lead compounds in late stage preclinical studies were tested for hERG binding using electrophysiology. These are laborious methods, requiring significant skill in the end-user to perform a successful assay. Furthermore, many researchers wish to test lead compounds for safety earlier in the process of drug development. This requires a higher throughput type of assay. Here we describe results for hERG screening using Invitrogen's fluorescence polarization based Predictor™ assay with a Synergy™ 4 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with Hybrid Technology™ from BioTek.