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Analytical Performance of a Multi-Volume Microplate Accessory for Microplate Spectrophotometer Platforms


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March 09, 2010


Authors: Peter Brescia, Mike Sevigny and Peter Banks, BioTek Instruments, Inc., Winooski, VT, USA




Accurate determination of molecular concentrations is a prerequisite to the use of purified biomolecules for a multitude of downstream applications. Quantifications is routinely accomplished by spectrophotometric analysis. BioTek recently introduced an accessory for its microplate spectrophotometers that can accommodate a range of liquid volumes and samples for spectrophotometric analysis. The new Take3™ Multi-Volume Plate incorporates the ability to measure up to sixteen low-volume (2µL) samples for direct quantification, two vertical 1 cm pathlength cells, and one standard 1 cm cuvette, in a standard microplate sized format. Its use allows a researcher to quantify samples without dilution while also allowing more dilute samples to be read in a standard 1 cm pathlength format.

Spectrophotometric measurements are derived from the low volume microspots, minimum 2µL, a 1 cm pathlength vertical quartz cuvette a 1 cm pathlength cuvette on board the accessory. The analytical performance of the accessory will be discussed to include limit of detection, dynamic range and accuracy for proteins and nucleic acids.