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Luminescence Test Plate

Part Number: 8030015
Preço: $3,764    (Preço nos EUA. Preço local pode variar.)

Para uso com: Synergy Neo2, Cytation 7, Cytation 5, Cytation Multidetecção, Cytation 1, Synergy H1, Synergy HTX, Synergy LX

Luminescence Test Plate

NIST-traceable luminescence test plate, for use with all current Cytation and Synergy readers. The Luminescence test plate helps automate key testing as part of your instrument validation program. The simple design is easy to use and operators can quickly read the ultra-stable, low light level LEDs.


  • NIST-traceability certificate included, guarantees a controlled light output from the test plate
  • Simple design, easy to use: just turn the plate on, and read the ultra-stable, low light level LEDs
  • Includes spare battery
  • Instructions for use are included in the instrument Operator’s Manuals (available for download on BioTek's Customer Resource Center). For a complete set of instructions, pre-programmed test protocols and logbooks, complete qualification procedures are also available from BioTek.

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